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Mobile Data

Buy cheap mobile data as low as 350N.To buy data,you must fund your WALLET

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Transparent and cheaper Charges.

We know how hard you work for your money. We work hard too and we respect that. We are clear about our fees and work to offer the cheapest rates possible..

Easy Setup

Your Wallets account is up and ready to go in less than 2 mins.Just remember to fund your acount to start transactions

Safe & Secure

Great security features to keep your funds safe and your data protected.

How does our data investment plan Works

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You must register a free account with us to be able to use our services

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From your dashboard,click on INVESTMENT in the side menu and then click on INVEST NOW to create an investment.On successful creation of investment,you will make a payment to the given account detail(click on see funding plan below) to see account number.Once payment is comfirm,the investment will be active

Plan Duration:30 Days Interval

See Funding Plan

Subscription Plan

After choosing a plan,you must pay the actual fee of the selected plan.We will charge you extra fee of 65ngn for convinenece charges during payment

How will i make my gain-Relax?

Yes,the company will give you 25% of your investment!!!

How can i make withdrawal?

At the end of 30 days,you will be eligible to request for withdrawal.At worst cases,its may takes a maximum of 48hrs for payment.Your account will be recycle after making withdrawal and you can choose a fresh plan again.

Is Referral Compulsory?

NO.This is not a refferal scheme or peer to peer money doubler platform.

Fast Pricing Preview

Amount Total Earning Duration
No plan currently available

Refer & Earn a lifetime commission

Enjoy #150 referral commission on everyone you refer to buy DATA with isavings

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Our Data Plans


  • 250 - ₦250
  • 500MB - ₦350
  • 1G - ₦660
  • 1.5G - ₦1,000
  • 2G - ₦1,250
  • MTN

  • 1GB - ₦350
  • 2GB - ₦650
  • 5GB - ₦1,680
  • 500MB - ₦250
  • GLO

  • 1.6GB or 2GB - ₦940
  • 3.65GB or 4.5GB - ₦1,850
  • 3.65GB or 4.5GB - ₦1,850
  • 5.75GB or 7.2GB - ₦2,300
  • Know This!!!

    We are not doing MLM or Ponzi Scheme business here.Your earning doesnt depends on the number of people you refer to us.We use your invested money to buy data in bulk,sell it to customer then pay you from the interest we make in selling the data.Your earning is fix as long as you have invested with us.We dont match you with anyone before you could be paid,we dont do member to member transaction.No delay

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    How Do i Invest in data business Again After Withdrawal?

    Its very simple,our system is not a complex one.Once your payment is successful,you dont need to register again,all you need do is to choose a new plan and reinvest again.So simple

    Invest Again